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We opened Ridere Estudio Dental in February 2021. Four passionate dentists, who already had an important professional background, decided to embark on our own dental path.

Specialised family dentistry

Dental Clinic in the centre of Alicante

Jesús Ruiz, Marita Ruiz, Santiago Espuelas and Mayka González have created this family project with the aim of becoming a multidisciplinary and specialised clinic.


Specialist dentists


Completed cases

doctors working

Why Ridere?

Combining close and personal treatment with specialised training and constant learning, the aim of Ridere Estudio Dental is to offer the best results thanks to our great team and using the latest technological advances in dentistry.

Ridere = Laugh

We believe that it perfectly captures what we want to transmit to our patients. We put a lot of care in the personalised treatment, in the proximity, in the study prior to a treatment and in all subsequent visits.

The patient is our priority

Our aim is that you can show off your smile wherever you go, that you can laugh without complexes and show the world that a beautiful smile can change everything.

Accurate results

Thanks to the professional background of our dentists and the technology we use in our dental clinic, we can offer very precise results with a high success rate.

Specialised dentists

All the dentists at our Alicante Dental Clinic have prestigious certifications that endorse them in their different fields and regularly attend congresses and courses in order to always be at the forefront.

Meet our team

We have specialised dentists in each branch of dentistry who, in addition, are dedicated exclusively to their own speciality/s.

All our doctors have prestigious Master’s degrees in their fields and regularly attend national and international congresses to continue learning and training in order to offer excellent results.

Dr. Marita Ruiz

Dr. Marita Ruiz

Paediatric Dentistry and Conservative Dentistry

Dr. Mayka González

Dr. Mayka González

Dental aesthetics and Implantology

Dr. Jesús Ruiz

Dr. Jesús Ruiz

Oral Surgery and Implantology

Dr. Santiago Espuelas

Dr. Santiago Espuelas


Photo gallery of Ridere Estudio Dental

Here you can see some of our photos while working and in our respective cabinets.

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Make your first appointment free of charge with our implantologists so that we can give you a complete review of the state of your dental health and we can recommend the best for your case.


Avenida Aguilera 12, 03006, Alicante


+34 607 730 171



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